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- Our Story -

It all began in 1969 when one family came to America.


I left my hometown of Criche, Italy with with my parents Assunta and Santo for a chance at the American dream. We opened our little corner of Italy in 2005. Our focus is making a visit to Peppino's an experience of sitting in my parents' kitchen in Italy.  Each dish is prepared

to order with only the freshest and finest ingredients. When you enter Peppino's,

you will feel the warmth of authentic Italian decor and be

immersed in the aroma of freshly prepared cuisine. 


    Our menu is extensive, and I personally offer specials nightly that I will be proud to serve to        you. May I suggest a drink at our world class bar? Relax and get ready to enjoy an evening

   of fine dining unlike any other in the area.


Joe Colao

Peppino's Wine Bar and Chophouse

“Al Dente as a way of life.” 

 -   The Bay  -



“At the table with good friends and family you do not become old.”

-  Italian Proverb  -



“If Pasta could sing!”

-  Eating Out  -

* * * 
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